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Orchestra All-State Camp

All-State Camp - Next Steps
Step 1:    MMEA emails audition results to sponsoring teachers - April 24
Step 2:    Student tells sponsoring teacher whether they accept placement into All-State. Sponsoring teacher lets MMEA know student's decision - May 8
Step 3:    MMEA emails parents with registration link for All-State camp - May 11
Step 4:    Registration, initial camp deposit, and scholarship applications due - May 25
Step 5:    Final camp payments due - July 25

All-State Orchestra camp will be held August 6-11, 2018 at University of Minnesota, Duluth.
Camp price is $650. See full camp information in student letter. Students accepting All-State must also participate in the February rehearsals and concerts, Feb 15-16, 2019 (Feb 14-15, 2019 for Jazz).

Conductor is Kevin Sutterlin, Concordia College Moorhead.

More information will be shared as it comes available.

Scholarship Application now available - due May 25.
Use the Payment Form for payments from schools, boosters, and community groups.

Eligibility Overview, full Eligibility Policies, and Rules and Regulations are available.

2018 All-State Camp planned start time: 11 AM, August 6
2018 All-State Camp planned end time: 3 PM, August 11

2019 All-State February planned start time: 10:30 AM Friday, February 15
2019 All-State February planned end time: 4:30PM Saturday, February 16