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Jazz All-State Camp

Registration is Complete. 
Review Information here or sent via email, and practice your music!

  • 2017 All-State Jazz Camp will be August 7-12 at Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota.
  • The director is Matt Harris, from California State University, Northridge.
  • Check-in on Monday, Aug 7 begins around noon and the final concert on Saturday, Aug 12 is scheduled to end at 1PM.
  • Students committing to the camp must be available for concerts and rehearsal February 22-23, 2018 (Thursday, Feb 22 NOON-8PM and Friday, Feb 23 8:30AM-1PM).


  • Arrive between 11am – 12:30pm Mon, Aug 7th. Do not arrive before 11am or after 12:30pm.
  • See Campus map and directions to campus for driving directions.
  • Check-in at Memorial Auditorium. Park in MH outside Hvidsten or Lot H across the street.
  • Get room assignment, room key, dorm building key, and name badge at check-in.
  • Do not lose your key(s). Fee is $50 each. Keep in a safe place all week.
  • Unload at dorm AFTER check-in.
  • LUNCH ON YOUR OWN before opening meeting at 1:30pm Hanson Orchestral/Buxton Choral 148/187 (In Hvidsten Hall of Music).


  • Transportation to and from Concordia College is your responsibility. See Campus map and directions to campus for driving directions.
  • Parking during camp is free in Lot L at 5th St and 11th Ave S near dorms.
  • Students are prohibited from driving during camp. Any student wishing to leave campus must get approval from David Hagedorn, Jazz Chair.  


  • Parents and students: Read the All-StateRules and Regulations.
  • It is your responsibility to know these expectations and follow them.
  • Harassment and bullying of any kind are specifically prohibited. This includes in person, in a group or on-line. Treat others with respect.
  • In order to be eligible, you must be enrolled in your school’s ensemble (See eligibility for further information on exceptions).
  • If you are not enrolled in your high school’s band and did not receive an approved exception last March, you MUST contact Mary Schaefle, Executive Director, at or 763.566.1460.


  • Review the updated schedule now.
  • Each student will receive a printed schedule at camp.
  • Check-in: Mon Aug 7th between 11am – 12:30pm.
  • Opening meeting: Mon Aug 7th 1:30pm.
  • Concert: Sat Aug 12th at 11:00am in Memorial Auditorium.
  • There will be a talent show. Be prepared to try out with your “other” talents. Audio equipment will likely not be available beyond a single microphone.


  • Music is available electronically. You should have received an email with access to your parts via DropBox. You do not need a DropBox account to access your parts.
  • You can practice from a tablet at home, but must print parts before camp.
  • Questions? Email


  • Auditions and chart reading at 2:00 PM Mon Aug 7th following the opening meeting.
  • Listen to recordings to learn the style. Arrive with solid chops.
  • Every student is a leader or soloist at home. Be prepared!
  • Prepare all parts assigned to you. Lead parts will be assigned and perhaps rotated during camp.


  • You are staying in Hoyum dorm (females) and Livedalen dorm (males). 
  • Dorms are not air conditioned. Bring an electric fan if you wish.
  • You will receive bed linens, a washcloth/small towel, a pillow, and blanket. 
  • Bring an additional towel(s).
  • Recreation options and recreation facilities will be shared at camp.


  • Meals provided start with dinner on Monday evening and end with breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • Life-threatening and significant food allergies should have been listed on your health form.
  • Alternative - contact MMEA with student name and allergy no later than July 15th at or 763-566-1460 to verify.
  • A vegetarian option will be available for each meal.


  • Horn sections: BRING A FOLDING MUSIC STAND. Mark your name on the stand. Bring a pencil to each rehearsal.
  • Rhythm section: You’re responsible for bringing your own equipment – drum set, bass and amp, guitar and amp, plus all sticks, mallets, brushes, and extension cords. Drum set players should bring some auxiliary instruments like shakers and cowbells. Instructions for unloading equipment will be provided the last week of July. Plan your arrival time to unload BEFORE you check into the dorm.
  • Brass: Bring valve oil. Bring mutes/plungers (straight, cup, plunger, bucket) listed in your parts. Bring Harmon mutes and flugelhorn if possible. BRING A FOLDING MUSIC STAND. Mark your name on the stand
  • Reeds: Bring extra reeds. BRING A FOLDING MUSIC STAND. Mark your name on the stand


  • Comfortable clothing for range of temperatures.
  • No form fitting clothing. No short shorts.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or drug logos or slogans/messages.
  • You may want to pack additional towels.
  • Concert Dress: Dress knee length or longer; OR Full length dress slacks (not form fitting), with dress shirt or blouse. No spaghetti straps. Tie encouraged. Nothing form fitting.
  • Bring any prescription or over the counter medications you regularly use. Medications may not be shared.
  • If prescription medication requires refrigeration, contact no later than July 15th.
  • Spending money if you wish. Chargers. You are responsible for the safety of your devices.


  • Concert is Sat, Aug 12th at 11 am in Memorial Auditorium.
  • Concert is free and open to the public. Invite family and friends!
  • A special area will be reserved for family members to video record the concert.
  • The concert is recorded and each student will receive a free CD. Additional CDs are available for purchase.
  • Order of concert is Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band.
  • There will be a short intermission between each group for stage resets.


  • Final performance will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018.
  • Rehearsals are from 1-8:30 pm Thurs Feb 22nd and 8:30 – 11:00am Fri, Feb 23rd.
  • Check-in for Feb All-State will be Thurs Feb 22nd around noon.
  • Clear these dates NOW. You have committed to these dates by accepting All-State.


  • Payment or balance questions: or 763.566.1460
  • Receiving music: or 763.566.1460
  • Questions about parts or music: David Hagedorn at
  • Mail must arrive at Concordia College no later than Thursday, August 4.

Student’s name - All-State Bands, Office of Conferences & Events, Concordia College, 901 – 8th St S, Moorhead, MN 56562

  • Emergency during All-State camp, David Hagedorn, number TBD. Please don’t use email for emergencies.


Jazz Band, conducted by Matt Harris (California State University)

  • As of Now (Steve Owen)
  • Point No Point (Dan Gailey)
  • El Gatote (Matt Harris)
  • Backbone (Thad Jones)
  • Cycling (Florian Ross)
  • Rare Butterfly (Frank Foster)

The camp fee is $600.
A limited number of scholarships are available based on student/family need. Scholarship applications are due no later than June 10th.
Payment by Check Form is also available.

Eligibility Overview, full Eligibility Policies, and Rules and Regulations are available.

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