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All-State String Auditions Components
Changes in 2015
  1. Solo remains the same Please see the String Solo Selection Guide.
  2. Revised Scales will be posted in late November.
  3. Excerpts with revised placement of clefs (treble, alto, tenor and bass)  for Viola, Cello and Bass will be posted in late November.

We will continue to use OpusEvent to manage auditions, with an audition deadline of March 20, 2015. The audition fee for 2015 will be $20.

Remember to check your recording equipment before then! Visit All-State Auditions Page for detailed information throughout the year.

Audition Elements

1.       Play all scales in succession, in a single continuous take, at the articulation and tempo indicated.  Scales will be posted on the MMEA website in the fall.

2.       Perform a solo selected by the teacher and student based on recommended difficulty level published by MMEA. The solo will be performed unaccompanied.  A maximum of 5 minutes may be submitted.

3.       Perform the orchestral excerpt posted on the MMEA website. The student is expected to perform the excerpt in the style appropriate to the work and at the tempo indicated. Bowings and fingerings are suggested only.

Digital Ethics

Sponsoring teachers and students are responsible for adhering to the digital ethics policy. The policy is attached below and is available on the All-State Auditions main page.

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