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All All-State Jazz Auditions perform improvisation as listed below.

For all instruments except drum set, perform improvisation with Blues in Bb or Blues in F. Improvisation tracks available for download below.
(For drumset, the student improvises without the CD background. The student will play a 1-2 minute solo, including swing, funk, rock, and Latin with the emphasis on swing. Transitions should be seamless and include appropriate fill.)

For all instruments except drum set: Student may listen to one chorus before beginning. Suggested length of improvisation:
  • Wind/Brass: 4-5 choruses of soloing
  • Piano/Guitar/Vibes: split evenly between comping and soloing. 
  • Bass: split evenly between bass line and soloing.
Bb Blues Play Along
Bb Blues Play Along (minus Bass)

Bb Blues Play Along (minus Chord Comping)
F Blues Play Along
F Blues Play Along (minus Bass)
F Blues Play Along (minus Chord Comping)

Piano: Peter Schimke
Bass: Jay Young

Guitar:  Chris Olson
Drums: Dave Schmalenberger

Mixed by Ricardo Ehramjian, November 2015.