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MacPhail Center for Music has generously provided All-State Audition Video Tutorials for the following instruments: Bass Trombone, Drum Set, Piano, and Trumpet.

All-State Jazz Auditions

Beginning 2014, All-State auditions will be recorded by the sponsoring teacher and uploaded to our auditions management system.

2015-2016 All-State Audition deadline is March 20, 2015. Remember to check your recording equipment before then! The audition fee for 2015 will be $20.

Eligibility requirements are on the All-State Policies page, including grade level, enrollment in school ensemble, and maximum number of students.

Auditions Overview (formatted for printing and distribution) available for download at the bottom of this page.

Audition Components

  1. Play all scales in succession, in a single continuous take, at the articulation and tempo indicated.  
  2. Perform the MMEA All-State jazz etude. 
  3. Perform improvisation as listed below.
    1. For all instruments except drum set, improvise with the recorded Jamie Aebersold Blues in F or Blues in Bb. In rhythm section, use tracks omitting the student's instrument. Individual tracks available on Amazon, and iTunes. Entire CD available Jamey Aebersold's website
    2. For drum set, one-minute solo including swing, funk, rock, and Latin styles.
    3. For all instruments: Student may listen to one chorus before beginning.
    4. Suggested length of improvisation:
      1. Wind/Brass: 4-5 Choruses of soloing
      2. Piano/Guitar/Vibes: 2 choruses of comping and 2 – 3 choruses of soloing
      3. Bass: 2 choruses of bass line and 2 – 3 choruses of soloing  
The All-State Auditions Task Force is considering adding a second improv in a style other than blues or a second jazz etude beginning 2015.  The change is being delayed to ensure high quality improv or etudes.

Digital Ethics

All students and sponsoring teachers are responsible for adhering to the MMEA digital ethics policy. The policy is attached below, and on the All-State Auditions main page.

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