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All-State Vocal Auditions

Changes in 2015
  • Solo remains the same.
  • Key changes for Alma del Coré to move away from range extremes.
  • Modifying scale to a 1 or 2 octave ascending and descending scale.

We will continue to use OpusEvent to manage auditions, with an audition deadline of March 20, 2015. Remember to check your recording equipment before then!

Visit for detailed information throughout the year.

MacPhail Center for Music has generously provided a voice tutorial that can apply to all voice types.

Vocal All-State Audition Components

1.       Sing an accompanied solo selection that highlights your voice quality and ability. 

·         Selection must be limited to an arts song or aria.   

·         Selection MAY NOT be Alma del Core.

·         The art song chosen should aid the singer in demonstrating fundamentally good singing technique, proper choral tone, musicianship, as well as showcase the range of the section being auditioned for. Judges are looking for a healthy, free tone that will blend with other singers.

2.       Sing Alma del Core at a moderate tempo, UNACCOMPANIED, in the key corresponding with the student’s voice type.

3. Sing the scale. Details to be provided by November 1st.

Digital Ethics

Sponsoring teachers and students are responsible for adhering to the digital ethics policy.

The policy is attached below and is on the All-State auditions main page. 

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