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Deadline: March 19, 2019  Fee: $20 each

Update: Deadline extended to March 19

    Eligibility? See the All-State Policies page

1. Student sings art song or aria accompanied.

Sing accompanied solo selection that highlights voice quality and ability.
  • Selection must be limited to an art song or aria. Singers will incur a score reduction for selections chosen from other musical genre.
  • Selection MAY NOT be Alma del Coré.
  • The art song chosen should demonstrate fundamentally good vocal technique, healthy tone, high quality musicianship, and the vocal range for which the the singer is auditioning. 
2. Student sings Alma del Coré unaccompanied. 

Sing Alma del Coré at a moderate tempo, UNACCOMPANIED, in the key corresponding with the student’s voice type. The teacher may provide the tonic chord and starting pitch. 

MacPhail Center for Arts has generously provided tutorials for Alma del Coré. Find them here: All-State Etudes: Vocal Etude

3. Student sings scale unaccompanied.

Sing scale, unaccompanied, in the key corresponding with the student's voice type. The student may use numbers, solfége, or a neutral syllable. Humming is not permitted. The teacher may provide the starting pitch. 

4. Sponsoring teacher must be in the room when the recording is made.
The digital ethics policy is available for download here, and on the All-State Auditions main page.

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