2015 All-State Audition
Summary of Changes and What Comes Next

The following changes and modifications are planned for March 2015 auditions.
Final guidance will be published on the MMEA website by November 1st.

You can provide input and recommendations by emailing or the respective All-State Vice President.


·         Solo remains the same.

·         Key changes for Alma del Coré to move away from range extremes.

·         Modifying scale to a 1 or 2 octave ascending and descending scale.

Winds and Brass

·         Etude to be shortened to include two contrasting sections.

·         Fewer scales with tempo reductions.

·         Addition of a solo performed unaccompanied. Solo to be chosen by the student and teacher based on guidelines provided by MMEA.


·         Etude remains the same; student performs snare, timpani and xylophone etude.

·         Fewer xylophone scales at a reduced tempo.

·         Addition of a solo performed unaccompanied on a concert percussion instrument. Solo to be chosen by the student and teacher based on guidelines provided by MMEA.


·         Solo remains the same.

·         For excerpt, providing written guidance on recording separate sections as a single take. Consider different excerpts in subsequent years.

·         Revised placemtn of clefs (treble, alto, tenor and bass) in scales and excerpts for viola, cello, and bass.


·         Changes being discussed for 2016, such as a different background/track for improv and changing scales.

We will continue to use OpusEvent to manage auditions, with an audition deadline of March 20, 2015. Remember to check your recording equipment before then!

Please let us know what questions you have by sending an email to

We're looking forward to having more students from all corners of Minnesota audition, with consistent scoring and results provided by top-notch judges specializing in each instrument or voice type. Please join us as we continue to strengthen MMEA All-State, noted as one of the best by our guest conductors!

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