All State

MMEA All-State Program
All-State is a program to develop the finest musicians and leaders among Minnesota's most accomplished high school students. The All-State program supports secondary school music ensembles, MMEA members and members' students.

2017 All-State Camps  The camps run from Aug 7-12, 2017. The students return Feb 23-24, 2018 (Feb 22-23 for Jazz).  Camp cost is $600.

The All-State Experience - A brief summary.

  1. Decide to Audition.
    1. Make sure that you are eligible.
    2. Find a sponsoring teacher.
    3. Gather audition materials.
    4. Note audition deadline (mid-March) and cost.
    5. Prep for auditions.
  2. Sponsoring teacher records and submits your audition before the mid-March deadline.
  3. Sponsoring teacher shares results of your audition in the end of April / beginning of May.
  4. If you make it in:
    1. Accept membership into All-State in early May.
    2. Register for All-State Camp, including completing/returning all required forms and payments.
    3. Participate in the entire All-State camp, held in early August.
    4. Maintain your eligibility for All-State.
    5. Participate in the Midwinter Reunion performance the following February.
Audition deadline and fees for 2018 will be announced in the fall. For more information, see the All-State Auditions page.

If you have any questions, contact the MMEA office at 763/566-1460 or

Visit the All-State Auditions pages for more information.
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