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MSHSL - Solo & Ensemble Contests

Minnesota State High School League and Music

The Minnesota State High School League operates the high school Music Contests, including solo, small ensemble and large ensemble. Each regional contest can determine which events it will hold. Typically, the schedule for the events and the host school for the event is determined by the region's (or section's) music educators and the region secretary.

If you have questions about Music Contest, go to the music page on the MSHSL website. You can also contact Eric Christenson, Music Representative on the MMEA and MSHSL Boards.

Music Advisory Committee

If you have a question or concern regarding a High School League-sponsored event, or would like to see a change in judging forms, rules for contest, or other League-sponsored activities, contact the music advisory committee. The Music Advisory Committee is appointed by MSHSL and meets in the fall of each year to discuss issues brought forth by League and MMEA members.

If you have ideas, concerns or comments about League sponsored activities; you can find contact information on the music page of the League website. You can also send an email to Lane Powell, Music Representative on the MMEA and MSHSL Boards, at

MMEA Regional Structure

According to MMEA's constitution, the government of MMEA includes eight geographical representatives based on the region structure of the Minnesota State High School League. Every other year, MMEA members elect a representative from Regions 1-2AA, 1-2A, 3-4AA, 3-4A, 5-6AA, 5-6A, 7-8AA, AND 7-8A. This structure ensures that Directors on the Board represent all geographic areas of the state, as well as large and small schools.

You can find your region on the MSHSL website.

Because MMEA members teach at all levels, there are some exceptions to this arrangement. MMEA has decided to place all schools within a district in the same region. High schools in the metropolitan area are occasionally split between two MSHSL regions, but MMEA will determine a single region for that school district.

College, non-teaching and retired members have been assigned to a region based on geographic proximity. Elementary and middle level teachers are generally assigned to the corresponding high school to which their school feeds. Because the League adjusts its regional structure regularly, MMEA region assignments also change.