Midwinter Clinic


Minneapolis Convention Center -  February 22-24, 2018
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Artie Almeida
*"Percussion Parade"
*Movin' and Groovin'"
*"Singing Fun 'n Games"

John Feierabend
*First Steps in Music: Vocal Development in the Early Years
*First Steps in Music: Movement Development in the Early Years
*12 Steps to Music Literacy Using Conversational Solfege: Part 1: Rhythmic
*12 Steps to Music Literacy Using Conversational Solfege: Part 2: Melodic Literacy

Karen Howard
*Batucada! Brazilian Percussion Ensemble
*Aiming for Equity in Choir Through Global Song
*Lift EV'RY Voice: Perspectives of African American Music Educators in Minnesota
*How to Recognize Appreciation vs. Appropriation in Music Education

Scott Lang
*Be Part of the Music!

*Leadership Success: How to Create and Build a Model Student Leadership Program

Denese Odegaard (NAfME President)
*Advocacy - focusing your outreach to administrators (Advocacy Pre-Conference Workshop)
*How to Facilitate Use of the ASTA Curriculum With the New Music Standards
*Getting Started Using the Standards in Your Own Curriculum Writing


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*Performing Group and Demonstration Session Directors: List of Performance Equipment by Room
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