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Music Makes Us Whole

What is Music Makes Us Whole?

Music Makes Us Whole is several dozen Minnesota non-profit and for-profit organizations that believe every child deserves a rich music education. We advocate for this because of music’s intrinsic value in the human experience, but also for the whole-brain and whole-life benefits to the child and his or her community.

MMEA and Classical MPR are co-leading the group – including performing arts organizations, after-school youth choirs and orchestras, music retailers, community bands, choirs and orchestras and music educators.

What is the message?

“Music supports Whole Learners, Whole Communities and Whole-Life Benefits. Call your local principal or superintendent and ask how music is doing in your school. Learn more at”

How will music supporters know what to say? has a sample email and phone call script, overview of research supporting the message, and a “Find Your School” tool. If it makes sense in your school and community, you can also send an email to parents in your school.

How should my music program get involved?

Every school and music program is different, so you and other music teachers in your school are best situated to decide. We've created a list of building blocks - some that take just a few minutes - that may help you choose.

We expect many principals and superintendents to turn to their music teachers when community members ask how the music program is doing. Have information ready in early January.

When is this happening? Why January?

This January, our partner organizations are sending e-newsletters, including features in concert programs and broadcasting radio spots. That is when we expect community members to contact your administrators. January was chosen for a number of reasons – including the fact that many school boards make budget decisions soon after.

Music Makes Us Whole will remain active after January, and you are encouraged to continue using these resources.  To have the greatest impact, get involved in January to build on the momentum. 

My music program is in good shape. Do we need to participate?

Building a strong base of support from community members, parents, colleagues and administrators is important to keeping your program strong.

Use this movement to celebrate! Include a story about your district’s rich music offerings in e-newsletters or the community paper.

There have been cuts in our music program. Shouldn’t the message focus on the cuts?

Each district and community is different, and you would know best how to approach this. We’d encourage you to work with your music colleagues to make that decision. In general, we have found its important to start with positive conversations about the benefits for students.

A critical step in support for any music program is building relationships – with your colleagues, with principals, district administration, your community and school board. Music Make Us Whole is focused on the important first step of building relationships and making sure decision makers know the importance of music to their community.