MMEA’s Advocacy Activities

Music Makes Us Whole

Music Makes Us Whole is several dozen Minnesota non-profit and for-profit organizations that believe every child deserves a rich music education.

MMEA and Classical MPR are co-leading the group – including performing arts organizations, after-school youth choirs and orchestras, music retailers, community bands, choirs and orchestras and music educators. Each organization will use the same message and call attention in social media, newsletters, concert programs and/or from the stage.

"Music Supports Whole Learners, Whole Communities and Whole-Life Benefits. Call a local principal or superintendent and ask how music is doing in your school. Learn more at"

MMEA Advocacy Task Force

The MMEA Advocacy Task Force is a committee of MMEA members that meets regularly to set the advocacy focus for MMEA. Email if you have questions for the committee or are interested in participating.

Advocacy Workshop (Pre-Conference Workshop at Midwinter Clinic)

Each year MMEA holds a Pre-Conference Advocacy workshop, facilitated by leaders in MMEA and the broader education field and open to the public. Topics have included teacher evaluation and how to involve the community in your classroom. To learn about the 2016 Workshop, visit our online Clinic Program Application.

Legislative Monitoring and Response

MMEA monitors Minnesota legislation that may impact music education and any work groups or regulations proposed by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Resource for Music Teachers and Music Advocates

MMEA serves as a resource for music teachers and school music advocates through quick and timely responses to questions and concerns, and connecting members to resources as necessary.

Advocacy Resources

Visit the Advocacy Resources page for a collection of Music Education advocacy resources.


MMEA Believes...

...Music is a Core Academic Subject that is Vital to Successful Students and Schools;

...In A High Quality Music Education for Every Student in Minnesota;

...The Minnesota Academic Standards for Arts Education are the Foundation for a Quality Music Education in Minnesota;

...Music is Basic to the Human Experience;

...Every Child in Minnesota Should Have Access to Music During the School Day!

Jennifer Lenart,
Nov 26, 2011, 7:12 AM