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Mission & Vision

We believe that music is basic to the human experience. The study of music allows us to develop aesthetic sensitivity, self-expression and creativity; to build community; to preserve and honor cultural heritages; and to celebrate life. MMEA's mission is high quality music education for every student.

The goals of the Minnesota Music Educators Association are to:

1. Improve the quality of music teaching and learning for all students. 
2. Maintain a vital and inclusive organization.
3. Ensure rich musical experiences for members and their students.
4. Communicate the value and importance of music and music education.
5. Provide vision and informed leadership for music education statewide.

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You can also contact the office for documents such as minutes, annual reports, Form 990 (tax forms), and other official business documents.

Mary Schaefle,
May 30, 2012, 10:52 AM